Laradon has been a leader in advocacy, education, and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 70 years. We are looking for talented and dedicated team members to carry our legacy forward. When you take a job at Laradon you will:

Work for each other.

No matter what position you have at Laradon you feel like part of the whole team. At Laradon, we want every employee to feel like a connected and valued member of our community, encouraged to reach out for the opportunities that inspire them and empowered to realize their greatest potential.

Make an impact.

We provide services that transform lives and build communities in the Denver area. Our goal is to facilitate the growth and independence of all individuals who participate in Laradon’s comprehensive programs and opportunities. Our wide ranging care allows our team members to learn and contribute in many meaningful ways.

Nurture innovation.

As a forerunner in the human services field, our staff is constantly finding ways to improve our process and participant experiences. No two days are alike as we constantly reimagine how to best serve our staff and our participants.